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  1. Serious addiction. I need help
  2. Voice of Aslan aka Actor Liam Neeson considering converting to Islam
  3. "He Lives Forever"
  4. Bibles
  5. "His Lambs"
  6. "Anticipation"
  7. One of the sweetest prayers
  8. Happy Birthday, ftwspursfan
  9. Prince Fielder's pay
  10. On My Knees
  11. "Everlasting King"
  12. "An Eye To The Sky"
  13. Has "progress" made life better today?
  14. "They Will Soar"
  15. Go Figure
  16. Give Me Jesus
  17. "Foretaste of Glory"
  18. "Free In Him"
  19. "How Beautiful It Will Be"
  20. "Forever Love"
  21. "Jesus Christ Is Our Gain"
  22. "Integrity"
  23. Be Still My Soul.
  24. "We Thank You, Jesus"
  25. "More To Our Existence"
  26. Give Me Jesus Airplane Performance
  27. "A Song of Praise"
  28. "He Alone"
  29. Hey Arapahoepark
  30. Encouragement
  31. "He Is"
  32. "We Are In Christ"
  33. "His Sovereignty"
  34. Boy and his dogs
  35. Info on religions and war.
  36. "Something To Look Forward To"
  37. "Now Is The Time For Salvation"
  38. Authors
  39. Happy Birthday, Forgiven!
  40. "The One and Only"
  42. "Your Heavenly Peace"
  43. Happy Birthday, Obie!
  44. "Through Your Father's Eyes"
  45. "Let Go of Regrets"
  46. "The Word of Life"
  47. The Wicked Shall Cease Their Troubling!
  48. I Believe!!! is now Everlasting Life.
  49. "Dont Lose Your Confidence"
  50. Church made of snow and ice opens in Germany
  51. Cat survives 2 euthanasia attempts at Utah shelter
  52. "Humbled"
  53. A mother's prayer was answered
  54. "God's Saints"
  55. Has anyone else noticed this?
  56. "Song of Eternity"
  57. "Reconciled"
  58. Flood-Threatened Church in Omaha Gives Thanks Christmas Eve
  59. Mary Had the Little Lamb
  60. "As We Wait"
  61. Leftist tv host Cenk Uygur Cuts Peter Schiff's Mic After He Says We Have Centrally Planned Economy
  62. "Lasting and Lifelong"
  63. "Reason for Living"
  64. Where do you live and what do you like about it?
  65. "Eternal King of Righteousness"
  66. FB-page, help me unlog my profile, please?
  67. Cupcake Deemed 'Security Threat' Confiscated by TSA at Las Vegas Airport
  68. Happy Birthday, dwkolb1!
  69. A message from my heart for those now in trial and suffering ...
  70. "The Good News"
  71. Readied To Donate Organs, 21-Year-Old Emerges From Coma
  72. Anonymous Donors Pay Off Kmart Layaway Accounts
  73. "In His Righteousness"
  74. "My Eternal, Everlasting Gladness"
  75. Christmas Flash Mob by Journey of Faith at South Bay Galleria
  76. "For Us"
  77. Actor Writes Book to Evangelize Hollywood
  78. "In the Light of Eternity"
  79. "Will You Be Ready?"
  80. "What He Can Do"
  81. A Joyful Day for Marine Widow at Texans game
  82. "Light of the World"
  83. Happy Birthday, KissyLoves!!!
  84. "At Last"
  85. Sugar Plum Fairy by P.Tchaikovsky - Glass Harp LIVE
  86. The Greatest Gift of All
  87. "Glimpse"
  88. 2011 Christmas Lights- Thank You Troops and Veterans
  89. Actor Christian Bale a 'Hero' for Attempting to Visit Pro-Life Activist in China
  90. An example of the power of God's love in His people
  91. "Holy One"
  92. Oh what a Savior! How precious! How worthy!
  93. "Real Joy"
  94. Tattoo question
  95. "Promise of Eternity"
  96. "He Who Paid The Price"
  97. "Jesus Is Lord"
  98. Sonseeker your inbox is full!!!
  99. "By His Grace We Stand"
  100. Tim Tebow - "All He Does Is Win"
  101. "He Is Your Destiny"
  102. Happy birthday to Webseven
  103. "Spiritual Legacy"
  104. "Adopted and Sealed"
  105. Happy Birthday, Ray Neukirch!
  106. "What If"
  107. "Time of Reckoning"
  108. It's been 5 years
  109. I Sleep in Hitlerís Room: An American Jew Visits Germany
  110. Bill Keller on Spiritual Battles and Romney and Obama
  111. 'MythBusters' misfire sends cannonball through neighborhood
  112. "Awesome God"
  113. Des Moines, Iowa 2012 Worldview Weekend Rally in October 2012
  114. Former 'Superman' Dean Cain to Host Christian Gala Event
  115. 'Real' Christian Churches in US Forced to Go Underground Soon?
  116. "For His Glory"
  117. "In One Accord"
  118. "Jesus Holds Your Future"
  119. Actor Brad Pitt Consoles Suicidal Actor
  120. "Everlasting and Sublime"
  121. He is here! Hallelujah!
  122. Rev. Larry Harrold of Center Baptist Church of Omaha Nebraska on the meaning of Christmas (good arti
  123. "Our Redeemer Lives"
  124. Christ is Risen
  125. It's no wonder those from other countries view Americans the way they do.
  126. Toxic Levels of Arsenic Found in Popular Juice Brands
  127. "He Is Enough"
  128. Jesus' Life and Times: A Virtual Pilgrimage
  129. This Is AWESOME!
  130. "So Firm A Foundation"
  131. How do you pray?
  132. "Jesus Will Lead Us Home"
  133. Relationships Are Gifts From GOD
  134. UK Singer Charlotte Church: Press Destroyed My Career
  135. "Fools for God"
  136. "An Enduring Legacy"
  137. "Sustaining Grace"
  138. 1 Percenter Miley Cyrus Takes a "Liberty Walk" in New Video and supports Occupy ??? movement
  139. "No Sting in Death"
  140. Women on the Watch 2012 Conference at Chapelwood Baptist Church of Huntsville Texas
  141. "A Wedding To Come"
  142. O Sacred Head Now Wounded
  143. "With Jesus"
  144. Houston, Texas 2012 Worldview Weekend Rally
  145. Dallas, (Arlington) Texas Worldview Weekend 2012 Rally (with Jimmy DeYoung and Brannon Howse and...
  146. Jack Van Impe, Charles Stanley, Hal Lindsey, David Reagan on new Omaha tv station
  147. Twilight 'Beaking Dawn' induces seizures
  148. "Thank You, God"
  149. Bergdorf Goodman "Unleashed" Video - So Cute!
  150. Wretched: A painful reminder. (money, family, life)
  151. "Jesus Beckons You"
  152. No More Night
  153. Matt, Vicki, Glenn & Deb in Arizona
  154. Some fear megachurch bubble may soon burst
  155. "Repent"
  156. "In Jesus Alone"
  157. Happy Birthday, maryrae
  158. Happy Thanksgiving!
  159. "Thankfulness"
  160. Dec. 5-7, 2011 - PreTrib Research Center Annual Conference - TX - "The Rapture in the 21st Century"
  161. Meet Delaware's 'Ambassador to Mars'
  162. Surely she's in the one per cent? Actress Anne Hathaway joins Occupy Wall Street protest
  163. happy b-day to 2 friends of mine (anna and angela)
  164. Bradley Cooper Clothes the City of Brotherly Love
  165. Pizza Chain, Detroit Megachurch to Give Away 4,000 Winter Coats to Low-Income Youth
  166. Brannon Howse radio show on OWS movement and their agenda
  167. "Glory To Our God"
  168. J&J to remove toxins from baby products by 2013
  169. Never too late for 'I do'
  170. "Spiritual Melody"
  171. "Redeem The Time"
  172. Bless Friday: Houston Churches Offer Black Friday Alternative
  173. Rockford IL Tea Party Coordinator calls for a National Day of Repentance on 12-10-2011
  174. "Anticipation"
  175. "Our Joy For Eternity"
  176. "Your Name I Will Exalt"
  177. "Comfort in Jesus"
  178. Happy Birthday Anne (Longing2cJesus)
  179. billiefan2000‎
  180. "You Are My God"
  181. Vets, we salute you and thank you...
  182. "One Heartbeat Away"
  183. "First Love"
  184. 'Family Circus' creator Bil Keane dies at 89
  185. "The Holy Spirit"
  186. Extinction Protocol - Ever Heard of It?
  187. "Comfort and Hope"
  188. "Everlasting Gain"
  189. "A Matter Of Time"
  190. "The Little Things"
  191. In A Courtroom
  192. "Loved and Adored"
  193. "Always in Your Sight"
  194. "Behold Him"
  195. How He Loves Us!!!
  196. "You're My Child"
  197. The Revelation Song!
  198. 4th Left Behind movie bding made??
  199. Celebrity Religions
  200. "An Exhortation"
  201. "Unbreakable Chain"
  202. Indoctri Nation movie (aka movie all christians should see)
  203. "Freedom of the Cross"
  204. Antisemitic Christians!?
  205. "Almighty God"
  206. "In His Hands"
  207. "While My Heart Beats"
  208. "For Once and For Always"
  209. About my trip to the Holy Land:))!!!
  210. Happy Birthday huggybob50 & God's Little Lamb
  211. Build Your Own Volcano
  212. Happy Birthday, Wonka!
  213. Mormon Mitt Romney Not Comfortable With Christian Conservatives, Iowa Activist Says
  214. A new approach to fighting abortion!
  215. "Where's Your Heart"
  216. "King Immortal"
  217. Under Control
  218. Bibles for Russia Ministry founder Alfred McCroskey has gone home to JESUS at age 76
  219. Office tv show Creator Ricky Gervais Accused of Mocking People with Down's Syndrome
  220. America's child death shame
  221. "Our Purpose and Our Destiny"
  222. "Our Lord God"
  223. "The God of Our Salvation"
  224. We Need More Environmental Controls!
  225. "Your Power and Might"
  226. got a new book by two guys I don't really care for
  227. "Prodigal Heart"
  228. Happy birthday, Mubers!
  229. "A Personal, Eternal Relationship"
  230. Not to rub it in but...
  231. Aftershock Survival Summit
  232. "Voices Crying In The Wilderness"
  233. "So Great A Salvation"
  234. We'll Never Walk Alone"
  235. "My Savior Carries Me"
  236. "Redeemer and Cornerstone"
  237. "Have No Fear"
  238. "Resting Place"
  239. "One Family In Christ"
  240. "Your Glory Alone"
  241. Thanksgiving weekend in Canada
  242. "Each Moment"
  243. "Rest Assured"
  244. "Glory To Our God"
  245. Muslim superhero comics meet resistance in U.S.
  246. "Passages"
  247. "He Loves And Cares For You"
  248. All At Once (Video)
  249. "Be Respectful"
  250. "Without A Trace"