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    Default World Food Supplies

    Annually fungi kill 125 tons of rice, corn, potatoes and soybeans damage = 60 Billion dollars. This could feed 8.5% of the world's population for one year.

    North America: drought in 48 USA states.
    South America: drought in Brazil.
    Europe:.......... drought in United Kingdom.
    Africa:........... drought in East Africa.
    Asia...............drought in China.
    Austrailia........drought in southwestern Australia.

    Food prices are rising like Revelation 6:5-6 states. The price of oil for transportation is one factor for the price increase. Scarcity of food is another factor increasing the food prices.

    Doesn't seem like food prices will go down before the tribulation takes place. The rapture has to be in our generation.

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    Default Re: World Food Supplies

    I wonder if Brother Paul When he penned 1Cor15:51 in 55 A.D. thought things could be much worse for Christians....

    Then came the dark ages and things indeed worsened.

    World plagues are diminished, and life spans are dramatically increased.

    Are things so bad or is it just a thrill to conger up spooky things....

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