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Thread: Spectacular images from 'Big Bang' recreation

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    Default Spectacular images from 'Big Bang' recreation

    Spectacular images from 'Big Bang' recreation

    A recreation of what happened microseconds after the big bang produces spectacular images as tiny lead particles travelling just below the speed of light smash into one another.

    Bursts of heat hundreds of thousands of times more intense than the sun are generated as lead ions collide in conditions colder than outer space, releasing exotic new particles.

    The reaction creates a kaleidoscope of colours as the energy of each particle is detected by recording equipment at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN.

    The base near Geneva, Switzerland, is where scientists are searching for the Higgs boson particle, an as-yet undetected form of matter which scientists hope will reveal how atoms are made up.

    Spectacular images from 'Big Bang' recreation - Telegraph
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    Cross Re: Spectacular images from 'Big Bang' recreation

    Well if people can come up with something like that from a nonsensical theory, imagine what God (who is real) can come up with (from His truth!!)!

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    Default Re: Spectacular images from 'Big Bang' recreation



    Oh I'll say it.... DOUBLE RAINBOW ALL THE WAY!

    That's what I thought from seeing those pictures of random assortment of colors.
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