many years ago, yes i'm old.
i was a goth, dummy, unemployed, loser.
i liked to gamble, watch vampire movies, was lazy and lonely. ok thats enough boasting.
i was a sinner, am a sinner.
i had casual jobs but was more unemployed than working,
i even saw a politician to get a job, but no luck.
As it happend i applied for a job with a big company and a Christian man from the same church i went to saw my name on a list and marked me for an interview. i did not know him except in passing and did not apply to him or influence him, it was a coincidence.
i worked for that company for about 30 years.
During that 30 years, in the same company one day the place i was working was closing down and i did not know what i would be
doing or where i was going, another christian man, a catholic, who i didn't know asked me if i had a high school certificate, i said yes. Just like that he transferred me to a different section worth more money and less physical work. That lasted 20 years.
and during that 20 years i was stuck at a low grade payrate until i applied for a job and another catholic man said let me help you with it. It doesn't sound like a big deal but the difference in pay was in the thousands of dollars from one grade to another.
I'm a dummy, a nobody with no friends except my wife. BUT God cares for me.
During a lifetime small shifts make big differences to the end result.
I've been a christian for about 30 plus years, i've never tithed, i've only been out the front of the church
maybe three times. I pray everyday, sometimes its just nothing prayers.
I believe God has blessed me, and will bless me even more,
and what is coming is so Glorious that i get goosebumps thinking about it.