Sermon: What is the True Gospel Anyway?
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Thread: Sermon: What is the True Gospel Anyway?

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    Default Sermon: What is the True Gospel Anyway?

    What is the True Gospel?

    Revelation 22:17a The Spirit and Bride are now saying, "Come!" The ones who hear are now saying, "Come!" The ones who thirst are now saying, "Come!" Come LORD Jesus ! |The Watch Parables | The Rapture | Romans | The Virgin Mary | Roman Catholicism
    Never Heard of Jesus? | The Evidence Bible | Tent Meeting | The Beast/666 | The Kingdom of Darkness | The Nephilim

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    Just wanted to say "thank you" for these sermons. I am so thankful that there are still preachers who are feeding the flock!
    Luke 23:6-7
    6. "He is not here,but is risen:remember how He spake unto you when He was yet in Galilee,
    7. Saying,"The Son of man must be delivered into the hands if sinful men,and be crucified,and the third day rise again."

    Our Savior didn't need a permanent tomb! By the morning of the third day,He was risen and gone!

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