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Thread: FCC's Net Neutrality Rules Take Effect Nov. 20

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    Default FCC's Net Neutrality Rules Take Effect Nov. 20

    FCC's Net Neutrality Rules Take Effect Nov. 20 | News & Opinion |

    The Federal Communications Commission's net neutrality rules will go into effect on November 20, almost one year after the commission approved them.
    Though the FCC approved the rules on December 21, 2010, they have not gone into effect because the commission has dragged its feet on publishing them in the Federal Register—a move that makes them official. The FCC said today that they will be published on Friday, and take effect in November.
    For those who need a refresher, net neutrality is the concept that everyone should have equal access to the Web. Amazon should not be able to pay to have its Web site load faster than a mom-and-pop e-commerce site, for example.
    What Do the FCC's Net Neutrality Rules Mean for You?

    What Do the FCC's Net Neutrality Rules Mean for You? | News & Opinion |

    Net neutrality is in the headlines again, but what does it mean for you? Is this just some wonky, inside-the-Beltway chatter that won't have an impact on our daily lives or an issue that will affect how we access the Web in the future? The short answer is: both.
    The basic news is that the Federal Communications Commission approved net neutrality rules yesterday and those rules give the commission the authority to step into disputes about how Internet service providers are managing their networks or initiate their own investigations if they think ISPs are violating its rules.
    One important thing to note is that the FCC hasn't actually released the full text of its net neutrality rules yet. The Republican commissioners voted against the plan yesterday, and according to FCC procedures, the commission must respond to any dissent before releasing its rules. So it could be another day or two before the commission adds that response and publishes the rules.
    That being said, the FCC did provide an overview of what's included in the order and it breaks down to three high-level rules: transparency; no blocking; and no unreasonable discrimination.

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    Default Re: FCC's Net Neutrality Rules Take Effect Nov. 20

    "I got a bad feeling about this"

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