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Pro-Homosexual or a Hate-Filled Bully
Written: 7-28-12
by Michael G. Mickey

By now most everyone connected to cable television or the Internet has heard about the 'controversy' surrounding Chick-Fil-A CEO Dan Cathy's recent public affirmation of support for the biblical definition of marriage, as well as the pro-homosexual contingent's over-the-top reaction to same. If not, my commentary from a few days ago should bring the few who've missed all the media-hyped melodrama up to speed. It can be read HERE.

As a result of the recent controversy, dare I even refer to it as such, debate concerning same-sex marriage and homosexual rights is raging within my extended circle of friends and family like most everyone else's.

Many people I know, including professing Christians, are siding with the pro-homosexual contingent to my dismay. Because this is true, in the interest of spreading a little truth into the mix of mainstream media and pro-homosexual propaganda being force fed to us on a daily basis, I've been taking it upon myself to respond to some of the erroneous things I'm hearing said and seeing written.

During one such occasion, while engaged in a back-and-forth discussion within my circle of life, I used the term 'homosexual agenda' to describe the warfare currently taking place on this front. To my surprise, someone told me they had never heard the term 'homosexual agenda' used in any serious conversation before, a sure indication to me their awareness of events on the ground in our end times world is lacking, as what I'm about to share is going to highlight.

But before I get into the latest example of anti-Christian harassment and bullying (yes, bullying) being directed at the Body of Christ, let me state the intent of this commentary. It is to illustrate how the backlash currently being experienced by Chick-fil-A and its employees is nothing new here in the 'land of the free.' It is also to demonstrate, in part, what the homosexual agenda is about - silencing Christians who preach, teach and believe that homosexuality is a sin as detailed in the Bible.

The First Amendment? What First Amendment?

WorldNetDaily is reporting the Miami-Dade school district in Florida is currently reviewing a lease it has with a church that uses some of its facilities because the church has supposedly broken the district's "anti-bullying and nondiscrimination policies."

What did the church do to violate these policies? Its pastor preached a sermon that reflected poorly on homosexuality. In other words, the pastor spoke on the topic from the only point of view that truly matters where this subject is concerned from the perspective of a Christian - God's point of view.

WND's report indicates the pastor said the following, in part:

"The reason why I am dealing with [homosexuality] so much is because there is an aggressive approach by … gay theologians that says the Bible never spoke about homosexuality in a way that contemporary Christians understand it."

"It’s all over – it’s on Youtube, its on CNN, and its on 60 Minutes. They are not just saying, ‘accept us’ – and I believe we should protect, and not bully, and treat all people with dignity and respect – but they are going beyond and above to change the very meaning of Scripture."

Did you pick up on the pastor's comments about bullying and discrimination?

A far cry from what the Miami-Dade school district is accusing his church of, the pastor specifically said members of the gay community should not be bullied or discriminated against, but be treated with "dignity" and "respect."

If you're scratching your head, wondering how the pastor bullied and discriminated against homosexuals while telling his congregation not to do those very things, all you need to see is right there in front of your eyes.

Where the pastor went wrong, at least in the eyes of the Miami-Dade school district, was when he ensured his congregation understood what the Bible actually says about homosexuality, namely that it is a sin. He also crossed the school district's nonsensical line of proper conduct by warning his church that the goal of many homosexuals and their supporters isn't just for Christians to 'accept' them, but to silence any criticism of their sinful sexual practices by twisting the very Word of God to the point it no longer says things like it is an "abomination" in God's eyes for a man to engage in sex with another man (Leviticus 18:22) or an example of "vile affections" for a woman to sexually pursue another woman (Romans 1:26). Sad, but true.

In today's politically correct world, you're either in favor of everything the homosexual community wants or you're a hate-filled bully. You're either willing to make an absolute mockery of God's Word by amending it to be politically correct and supportive of the homosexual lifestyle or you're a bigot. And where the First Amendment rights of Christians are concerned? The pro-homosexual crowd apparently hasn't heard of them.

If you're a Christian and you haven't succumbed to the pressure the world is applying to you to refer to what God has defined as sin as normal and healthy, pat yourself on the back. But know this. As surely as you're reading these words, we haven't seen the worst of the spiritual warfare headed our way on this front.

In bible prophecy we're told that the end times leading up to the return of Christ will see the world in a state of moral decay and sexual sinfulness like existed in Sodom when Lot lived there (Luke 17:28).

In the book of Genesis, chapter 19, the events which led to God destroying Sodom and Gomorrah are documented. Most people who read the chapter quickly pick up on the fact that the men of Sodom nearly caved Lot's door in attempting to get at two men (who were actually angels) visiting with him. The intentions of this mob was to 'know' the men, as in have carnal knowledge of them. Scripture tells us the angels literally had to strike the men of Sodom with blindness to stop them from acting on their wicked lusts. But what I want my readers to key in on, as it relates to our current dilemma in dealing with the militant homosexual activists of our day and this trend as an end times sign, is another tell-tale sign of how sinful conditions in the city of Sodom were before God judged them with fire.

In Genesis 19:4 we're told that the lustful men of Sodom seeking access to Lot's angelic guests descended upon his home in droves, but they weren't alone. Accompanying them were "all the people from every quarter" of the city. Not once in Genesis 19 do we see any evidence that anyone present did so much as raise a voice in protest of what they felt was about to occur there. Can you imagine a situation being that out of hand? If you can't, you don't understand the nature of Satan. Give him an inch and he'll take a mile. Demonstrating this, I remind you once again, it required a supernatural act on the part of the angels to turn the aggressors away.

Make no mistake about it, Christians. If the pro-homosexual community has its way, Christians in the United States of America are going to be no more spiritually convicted to stand up for what is righteous as defined in God's Word than the people of Sodom were before Abraham got up early one morning, looked across the plain he was standing on, and saw the smoke rising from where Sodom and Gomorrah once stood (Genesis 19:29). How many more examples will we have to see before we figure it out? Hopefully none!

While there is no place in God's Word for Christians to hate, bully or belittle members of the homosexual community, we can't alter God's Word to give them a false sense of security concerning the lifestyles they're living. Far from it! If we truly love those living in rebellion against God today, whether they have a sin problem related to their sexual conduct or anything else, we have to be truthful with them. To do otherwise will be of no benefit to them, us or our nation.

God bless you all.

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