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Pro Israel Christians Have Golden Opportunity to Advocate for Israel

Pro Israel Christians Have Golden Opportunity to Advocate for Israel
By: Jim Fletcher

A decade ago, I had the good fortune to watch a riveting video titled "Relentless." Produced by the team at HonestReporting-a premier media watchdog site-the film showed the chilling agenda of radical Islam.

Over the summer (2013), I had an opportunity to visit with Joe Hyams, the CEO of HonestReporting, at the Christians United for Israel (CUFI) Summit in Washington. Hyams impressed as a guy who knows what he's doing. His savvy in reaching out to pro Israel Christians is also impressive.

Hyams realizes that the army of pro Israel Christians in the U.S. is passionately supportive, and needs a continual flow of information to refute what is often termed Palestinian propaganda. Hyams is sophisticated enough to know that a whole range of issues affect Israel, including the infamous "BDS" (Boycott/Divestment/Sanctions) movement:

"At a time when some churches are actively pushing for a boycott of Israel, it's extremely important that the Christian public understand that not everything they read in the media is correct and agenda-free."

He is also keen to address topics that speak right to the heart of Christianity:

"While Christians are being persecuted across the Middle East, we are proud that Israel treats all of its religious communities with the respect they deserve."

HonestReporting utilizes a sophisticated network that tracks media bias, and delivers reports in a variety of formats, including videos, blogs, and essays aimed at countering much of the often-bizarre lies told about Israel.

The media bias juggernaut enlists the help of "regular" folks who have email and other networks, in a grassroots plan to help readers and those interested in truth. The "Indepth" archive has a hot topics series of essays that present vital factual information about a range of issues, including Iran, the Gaza Flotilla, the status of Jerusalem, and more.

Another terrific help for Israel advocates-especially evangelicals who would like to reach a younger generation-will be found with the HonestReporting video series. These slick, short films help educate those who learn better visually, and the powerful images refute the equally powerful Palestinian propaganda that is found in films like "Little Town of Bethlehem" and "With God On Our Side." The videos range from topics like what really happened in the infamous Al Dura incident, to Israel's true view of the peace process.

All these resources (and many more) ensure that HonestReporting continues to build on its strong network of advocates. Hyams knows where much of the support for Israel rests, and he's happy to help.

"The worldwide Jewish community relies on the support of millions of Christians around the world. The well-being of the state of Israel depends on it."

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