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Sad Days

Sad Days
By Dr. David R. Reagan

Jack Hibbs, the dynamic and outspoken pastor of the Calvary Chapel in Chino Hills, California, has perhaps summed up best the spiritual situation we face today in our nation: "It's a sad thing to watch a nation die on your watch."

There is no doubt that our nation is writhing in its death throes. America is caught up in a downward spiral into a black pit of immorality and violence. We are reaping what we have sown since the 1960's when we turned our back on God and decided to do our own thing. Since that time we have become obsessed with materialism and the pursuit of pleasure. In the process, the God who blessed us so richly has been shoved aside and treated with disdain as a nuisance.

Our nation's rapidly drifting into secular paganism. It is an essay I wrote in 2000 concerning the decay of society, I look back over it and see it's even more relevant today than when it was written.

You might wonder why I focus when speaking about the fall of our society on the sin of homosexuality, when our society is wracked by so many sins. There are several reasons I highlight this topic.

The first is the fact that our nation is currently in the process of trying to convert this sin into a virtue. It is a classic example of calling evil good and good evil (Isaiah 5:20).

Second, homosexuality is a sin that society is trying to justify by equating it with race and arguing that it is a violation of civil rights to put any kind of restraints on it.

Third, it is the first sin to be openly embraced and endorsed by churches in direct opposition to God's Word.

Fourth, it is a sin that the homosexual community claims is a lifestyle that is inescapable because it is "natural."

Fifth, the homosexual community, through demanding same-sex marriage and adoption rights, is determined to undermine the traditional biblical concept of the family, which is the basic building block of society.

Sixth, the Bible identifies an epidemic of homosexuality and its approval by society as a sign of a collapsing society.

The bottom line is that homosexuality is a sin, and as such, it represents rebellion against God. There are no excuses or explanations that can convert it into something good and acceptable, any more that can be the case with adultery, pedophilia, or bestiality.

The good news is that there is hope for homosexuals, and that hope is the indwelling power of the Holy Spirit that comes when a person puts faith in Jesus as Lord and Savior. And, as example, I personally am aware of several persons who have overcome the homosexual lifestyle through God's power. Such victories give us hope in these sad days.

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