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Bible Study and End Times Featured Commentary

Welcome to the Bible study and End Times featured commentary section of our website. Below you will find special featured commentaries regarding a broad range of bible prophecy topics. Topics covered will include the rapture, end times prophecy, apostasy in the church, the end times, and other traditional Christian issues. New articles and commentaries will be added weekly so please check back regularly for the latest articles.

The Angels Rejoice in Heaven

For Years I Pleaded With God To Make Me Straight. Why Did My Prayers Go Unanswered?

Western Leaders Puckering Up To Islam's Sword

John Kerry: It's A Mistake to Link Islam with Islam

Gloom and Doom...in a commerical

Palestinians Seek Kangaroo Court for Israel

Gog Eyeballing Ezekiel-Lure?

Edom, Moab, and Ammon

The Boy Who (never really) Came Back From Heaven

It Is Finished - Three Words Catholics Do Not Understand

Obama to Pay Iran $11.9 Billion Through 'End of Nuke' Talks in June

Same-Sex Mirage Likely to Be Imposed on America

Why 'Gay Marriage' Is Evil

Free Speech Foes Attack Anti-Jihad Site as Free Speech Rally against Sharia Succeeds

Islam's Self-Destructive Seed

Iran, Obama, Boehner and Netanyahu

Our Crucial Choice of the War on Terror

The King is Dead, Long Live the King

Drugs, Yoga, and Demons

No Other Name

Was Muhammad A Terrorist?

On The Crusades

True Faith is Not Complicated - Part 3

Jihad in Tel Aviv

Paul was Pre-Trib

Will the Israelis Stike Iran's Nuclear Sites?

Japan Targeted by ISIS

The President's Address of Lies

Liar in Chief

America: While We Seek Mirth and Beauty - Judgment is at the Door

It's Time To Get Real: Islam Begets Terrorism

Ginsburg and Kagan Must Recuse Themselves on 'Gay Marriage' Case

Is Homosexual Practice No Worse Than Any Other Sin?

Palestinian Liberation Theology Exposed

Why We Need To Talk About Muslim Anti-Semitism

No No-Go Zones? Really?

The Rings of a Tree

Supreme Court will Save or Push the U.S. to the Brink

Unconstitutional Travesty: One Man to Decide Marriage Policy for 320 Million Americans

MLK: Homosexuality a 'Problem' with a 'Solution'

Jesus Vs. Muhammad

This Present Madness

The Point of No Return for Islamic Violence

A Response to Newsweek on the Bible

Economic Crisis or World Government?

Vengeance is Ours, Says the Islamist

Duke Dynasty: Tolerance Run Amok

Incest: The Next Frontier in 'Reproductive Freedom'

America's Enemies: Barry & The Wicked Witch

Gay Marriage Ruling Will Define Freedom

Planned Parenthood Kills 1000 Times as Many Blacks as Cops Do

Will He Find Faith on the Earth?

Barack Hussein Obama and God's Judgment on America

Gog's Evil Thought

How Do We Judge

Lost in a Sea of Confusion

An Open Response to Ellen DeGeneres Who Addressed Me on National TV

Supreme Court Will Rule on 'Gay Marriage' Case

The End Times Signs of Pestilence and Fearful Events: Financial Collapse

The Answer to French Anti-Semitism

The Free World Under Siege

Suppose Islam Had A Holocuast and No One Noticed

The New York Times Sanctions Religious Bigotry

The End Times Signs of Pestilence and Fearful Events: The Plague Death Toll

Creeping Anti-Israelism in the Evangelical Movement

Charlie Hebdo, Israel, and Double Standards

How the Islamic Republic is Shaping Iraq and Syria

Pelosi to Name Muslim Brotherhood-linked Congressman to House Intel Committee


5th Circuit Exposes Sordid Underbelly of Same-Sex 'Parenting'

Those Who Claim To Be Jews, But Are Not

The End Times Signs of Pestilence and Fearful Events: Parallel Signs

The Importance of Blasphemy

Three Reasons Why We Know That Allah and the God of the Bible are Not the Same

True Faith is Not Complicated - Part 2

Jer-USA-lem: The Folly of Appeasement

How the West Destroyed Libya

Welcoming Terrorists at the International Criminal Court

World Unites for Freedom - Obama Stays Home

Fear of an Anti-Muslim Backlash

The Hostile World of Homosexual Hypocrisy

Israel's Self Delusion

Last Day's Financial Wonders

Reflections ( A Look at Christ and Muhammad)

A Simple Proposal for All Muslim Immigrants

Jer-USA-lem: Bush and Obama

French PM Declares War on Radical Islam

Western Sleepwalkers and the Paris Massacre

God's Patience has Limits

Newsweek's Hatchet Job on the Bible

What Does The Bible Say? The Resurrection

The Regret...Or the Rapture?

Reconsidering Islamic Immigration in Wake of Muslim Attack in Paris

The Prophet of Islam Can't Endure Slander - But Can He Endure Honest Examination?

Are Christians and Muslims the Same?

The Problem Is Within Islam Itself

The Hideous Evil Face of Homofascist Hate

The Mayor of Atlanta Declares War on Religious Freedom

Jer-USA-lem: Reagan to Clinton

The Significance of Sisi's 'Religious Revolution' Speech

Laughing at Mohammed

Bush Was 100% Right After 9/11

Spiritual Fitness

Same Old Same Old...New Age Movement

When Should I Worship?

No Surprise: Jeb Bush, Like Obama, Sees Marriage Views 'Evolve'

Europe and the Decline of the Church

Western Dhimmitude is Enabling Bloody Jihad

The Architect of the Greatest Genocide in History

Jer-USA-lem: Johnson to Carter

The Charlie Hebdo Jihad Massacre: Time to Stand for Free Speech

The Parable of the 10 Virgins

Jer-USA-lem: Truman to Kennedy

2015: A Good Year for the Mullahs

Prophecy 2015: Neo-Liberalism Gives Birth to Neo-Radicalism - Dangerous Times Ahead

2015: The Year of Diplomatic Disaster in Iran?

The 7 Seven Letters of Revelation

ISLAM: Raping It's Way Through the West

Facebook and Twitter accused by UK Muslims of allowing 'Islamophobia'

True Faith is Not Complicated - Part 1

Walking with God

France and the End Times Hatred of Jews

Iran's Occupation of Syria

Homosexuals Breeding Hate - Making Way for Foreign Law in America

We Must Have An End To Empire and A Rise of Nations

Heads in the Sand, Blood on Their Hands

Obama's National Police

Newsweek Magazine Joins in the War Against God

Seven Major Prophetic Signs of the Second Coming

Stress Free: Heal Yourself With Generosity

France Betrays Israel -- Again

The Palestinians Failed Attack on Israel at the UN

7 Resolutions for 2015

The Sharia Law Invasion of the United States and Western Europe

Obama Releases Five More Gitmo Prisoners in the Middle of the Night


HRC Targets Little Kids With Homosexual Indoctrination

Gruber Spills the Beans on Obamacare

Did the US Play a Role in Israel's Re-establishment?

Serious questions to ask, as the year comes to a close!

Avoiding the Lake of Fire

Happy New Year

Islamic Law: Girls Can Be Married Even 'In The Cradle'

Obama Frees A Nuclear Terrorist

They Won't Repent

It's the Hateful Folk Who Are Never Guilty of Hate

We Are Not 'All God's Children'

Rejecting the Eternal Message for a Temporary Fix - The Folly of the West

The Pre-Wrath Rapture: Problems with the Concept

The Islamic Republic is Not Cuba

Israeli Right to Dominate Election

Hollywood's Last Stand

Congress Goes to Pot

From Donkey to Stallion

The Last Of The Magi (A Story For The New Year)

The Pre-Wrath Rapture: Objections to the Concept

Arab Israeli Politician Praises Terrorism

Mahmoud Abbas: Failing the Palestinians and Peace

Only Muslim Schoolchildren Lives Matter?

The Top Anti-Muslim Hate Crime Hoaxes of 2014

The Rapture, A Secret Jesus Couldn't Reveal

Bachmann: Obama Embraces 'Agenda of Islamic Jihad' to Convert 'United States into an Islamic Caliphate'

Christians Stand Your Ground Against Homofascism

The Founders: Look at their Fruit

Is God Turning the Bear?

Is ISIS in Psalm 83

The Pre-Wrath Rapture: Understanding the Concept

Sanction Relief Empowering the Mullahs, Not Citizens

Christians and Churches Attacked in the West

A Christmas Message

Wilders, Jihad, and the War Against Freedom

Jesus Wasn't in the Manger When He Freed Me of Homosexuality

New York's Finest Slain - Racial Provocateurs - Bad Math and Prophecy

Christmas, the Resurrection, the Rapture and Jesus Christ

Resolve to Follow Him

So You Don't Think There's a War on Christians?

Under Founders' Constitution, We Don't Have to Put up With Satanic Displays


Misha's Story: Room in the Manger

Do We All Believe in the Same God?

10 Reasons the UAE Terrorist Group List Rises Above the Rest

Hollywood's love-hate relationship with Bible

It's Time to Stop Demonizing the Police

Turkey: Erdogan vs. Gulen

A New Low in Cowardly Capitulation to Muslims Terrorists

The Love/Hatred Dynamos


Whom Do you Fear? God or Man?

A Shepherd's Story

Judge: Incest is OK Now, Because We Have Abortion

Atheist Ignorance on Holiday Billboards

Islam: Do I Hear the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse?

Why We Do What We Do

How's Godlessness Working Out, America?

Truly Wise Men

New, News, News!

How Western Media Enable Islamic Terrorism

Iran Mocks America, Threatens Israel and Angers the Lord!

What Child is This?

There's Nothing Obama Cares About Less than Jewish Blood

Franklin Graham on Promoting Filth, but Being Offended by a Nativity Scene: We Are Glorifying Sin

Saeed's Christmas Message from 'Hard, Cold' Prison

The Feast of Hanukkah...History And Prophecy

The End Times Sign of Famine: Tribulation Statistics

The End Times Sign of Famine: Current Statistics

Europe Should Learn Ethiopia's 'Islam Lesson'

Taliban School Slaughter

Obama's Bailout of Communist Dictators

Reprobate Mind

Life Ain't What You Think It Is!

The End Times Sign of Earthquakes: Final Three Prophetic Quakes

Did Muhammad Approve of Torture?

A UN Timetable for Israel's Destruction

The War Comes to Australia

Can A White Man Speak to Black Americans?

ISLAM: Where Racists Make their Bed and LIE In It

Jacob's Trouble Simmering

The New Morality and the Walk of Shame

The End Times Sign of Earthquakes: First Prophetic Quake

Western Indifference to the Palestinian Culture of Hate

Jihad in an Australian Chocolate Shop

Franklin Graham: Islam is 'A Religion of War'

Billboard's Message of Truth about Homosexuality & Genetics has Homosexual Advocates in Uproar

Paul's Letter to the Galatians - Part 5

Israel and the ISIS Threat

Florida City Council Opens with Prayer to Satan & Allah - Mayor & Commissioners Walk Out

Hillary Clinton: America should 'empathize' and 'show respect' to her enemies

A Public Appeal to Lebron James

Muslim Go BOOM!

Almost Is Not Enough

I Don't Believe in Atheists - Neither Does God

Top 'Gays in the Military' Activist Charged with Forcible Sodomy

Christmas, Just Believe

The Virgin Mary Had A Baby Boy

The End Times Sign of Earthquakes: From the Temple to Today

The End Times Sign of Earthquakes: The Three Questions

Beheading and Raping the Faithful

Turkey, Friend or Foe?

Imam Joe Biden Schools an Infidel

Life in Post-Truth America

Islam Is The Religion of Homosexuality and Pedophilia

Islamic State (ISIS) Releases Pamphlet On Female Slaves

You have little Choice and little time left!

The Forgotten Promises of Christmas

Arab Culture & the Arab-Israeli Conflict

Russia, Iran, and the End Times

Atheists and the Afterlife

When Was Jesus Born?

The Presbyterian Chuch USA's Terrorist Ties

Ten Ways the Mafia and Islam are Similar

Biden Spins Fantasies, Middle East Heats Up

Obama's Christmas Gift to ISIS and Al-Qaeda

Pope Pushes Prophetic Timetable Ahead - Prophecy Waits for No Man

Winds of War

A Different Perspective on the Nativity

Islam: Built on the Blood of (Christian Child) Martyrs

A Victory for the Ruling Clerics

Netanyahu Springs His Trap

What Israeli Elections Mean For Obama

Pauls Letter to the Galatians - Part 4

Lovers of Darkness

Kardashian Christianity

Who Is Killing Off Black Americans?

You WILL Live Forever

Is Perspective or Perception all we have? - Part 2

Welcome to Laodicea

God Forgives

Is Perspective or Perception all we have?

The End Times Sign of Wars: Wars of the Tribulation

The End Times Sign of Wars: Gog and Magog

Sisi is Not Mubarak

When Black Lives Don't Matter

Uncovering Obama's IRS Enemies List

The Argument for Israel's Nationality Law

Right on the Rise in Israel

Lapid's Political Crack-Up

Liberals Needle FDA on 'Gay' Blood Ban

Imam: Saying 'Merry Christmas' is Worse than Murder

'Palestinians No Longer Believe in Two-State Solution'

Messianic Prophecy in the Old Testament

The End Times Sign of Wars: The Psalm 83 War

Christian Convert Illegally Imprisoned and Tortured, Begins Hunger Strike

The Islamic State Widens its Bridgehead in North Africa

The Myth of Homosexuality in Nature

The Islamization of the UK Continues - A Warning to America

The End Times Sign of Wars: The Failure of Government

Ferguson Lynch Mob Leaders Convene at the White House

End-Times Leadership

Temple Mount Trouble

The End Times Sign of Wars: Labor Pains

The Fight for Religious Freedom in Jerusalem

Democracy and the Jewish State

Victory in Life: No confidence in Death - The Goofy Gospel

For Our Friends Who Call Themselves 'Gay'

It's Possible To Love A Child Without Loving His Sin

Paul's Letter to the Galatians - Part 3

Islam Has a 'Farm Team' in America

Rising Turkish Menace: NATO Ally Wants Islamic Advance in Latin America

The Muslim Brotherhood in American Schools

The Koran and Eternal War

Top 10 Lies from Obama's Nullification Speech

Obama's Surrender to Iran

3 Myths About the Rioters and Looters of Ferguson

The Reprobate Mind

Illegal Alien Benefit Free-For-All

Peace With Islam in Our Time

Happy Thanksgiving: Restoring the Christian Connection

The "Me" in all of us...Part 1

A Prophetic Roadmap to the Rapture

Christian Cruise Control

God's Word Shall Not Pass Away

Why the President is Wrong about the Bible and Immigration

Truth, Lies, and Homosexuality

The God Without...A Thanksgiving Message

The End Times Sign of Wars: A Staggering Death Toll

The End Times Sign of Wars: The Three Questions

Is Russia Banning Islam?

Iran's No China

Hagel Takes the Fall

The Al-Aqsa Libel: A Brief History

Trapped in Afghanistan Between Obama and the Taliban

Second Coming of Christ - Beware of the Gainsayers

Dangerous Victory

California's Biblical Drought

The Table (A Story of Thanksgiving)

A Proper Perspective on Thanksgiving

Sermons from the Holy Land: The Wildfire

The Benghazi Cover-Up Continues

UK: It was "Racist" to Prosecute Muslim Rape Gangs

Obama the Tyrant

How Many Lies Have the Democrats Told to Sabotage the War on Terror?

Paul's Letter to the Galatians - Part 2

Treason at Our Southern Border-Impeach, Impeach, Impeach!

Why We Oppose the Normalization of Transgenderism

Obama on Amnesty: I'm Going to Break the Law until Congress Agrees with Me?

A Problem for Atheists

More U.S. Media Deception and Lies About Islam

Armageddon: A Global Goal

The God of the Bible and Allah

God and the Constitution

Would the Son of God Contradict the Father?

Sermons From the Holy Land: How Prophecy Speaks (Part 3 of 3)

Obama's Generous Deal with the Mullahs

Obama Helps Terror Go Nuclear

Hamas-linked CAIR: A Terror Organization

Responding to the Slaughter

The Good Muslim Terrorist

To Amnesty 5 Million

Are We Putting Impossible Burdens on Gays and Lesbians?

Global Warmism: When All Else Fails Try Ignornace

Homosexual HRC Founder Arrested for Raping 15-Year-Old Boy

Sermons From the Holy Land: How Prophecy Speaks (Part 2 of 3)

Obama Deports American Jobs

Muslim Leaders-May I Preach at Your Washington Mosque?

Is China's Current Military Buildup Prophetic?

Thank God

You have a choice, Today is that day!

Christine Weick: Brave Witness for Christ on a Shameful Day for America

Telling Lies For Jesus (On Dealing With Trolls)


The Coming Leader

Sermons From the Holy Land: How Prophecy Speaks (Part 1 of 3)

Palestinian Blood Lust Unleashed

Sermons from the Holy Land: Rescue at Entebbe

Converting to Islam Won't Save Your Head

More Beheadings, More Denial

Alabama Smacks Down Sharia, 'Foreign Laws'

Super-Amnesty Will Turn Every City Into Detroit

The Devil's Book of Virtues

Opinions or the Truth?

Kings of East Prophetic Empowerment

Election's Prophetic Implication

Sermons from the Holy Land: David's Passion for God

Latest IS Beheading Video: New Levels of Ritual Madness

Appeasement: Obama's Secret Letter to Khamenei

Iran: The 9 Step Plan to 'Eliminate' Israel

Washington Braces for Amnesty

Paul's Letter to the Galatians

National Cathedral Prays to False God, Hosts Radical Muslim Groups

Muslim Imam Allowed to Praise Allah on House Floor

Washington, D.C.: The Seat of the Immoral World Government

Sixth Circuit Judges Stop the Marriage Insanity

Iran's Letter to Obama: Thanks for the Nukes!

Sermons from the Holy Land: Valley of the Dry Bones

Sermons from the Holy Land: A Bright Future for Jerusalem

Iran: 'The Great Satan' Still Our 'Number One Enemy'

A Dead Caliph vs. The Hydra of Jihad

God Deserves Our Love and Thanksgiving

Don't Compromise, Don't Be Ashamed

You need to wake up, before it's too late!

The Great Apostasy

It's Not the Centrifuges - It's the Warheads

The Car Intifada

The Left's Lingering Oslo Delusions

The Tribal Theory of God

The Only Way That Terrorism Will End

The Pope Presumes - The Theory of Evolution Boosted by Pontiff

Because you think it, doesn't mean it's true - Conclusion

Are Your Bags Packed?

Dual Prophetic Approach

God's Voting Booth

Now I Lay Me....

The Prophecy of Elam

Turkey's Diminished Influence in the Middle East

Palestinians Being Evicted in Gaza

Christians 'Losing Everything' to Islam

Obama Midwifes A Nuclear Iran

And Such Were Some Of You

Supreme Court, 'Gay Marriage' and the Easter Bunny

You're No Benjamin Netanyahu

I Am With You Always

Monster Win for Natural Marriage

Is It Really Hate Speech - Or Just Speech You Hate?

Prophetic Craziness: Why Sensationalism Prevails


Because You Think It, Does Not Mean It's True - Part 2

The Jagger Theory

No One Knows The Day Or The Hour

Prophetic Craziness: Prophecy Circuses

Prophetic Craziness: Prophecy of the Ten Jubilees

Why the Temple Mount Belongs to Jews and Israel

Obama Administration Trusts Russia On Iran

The Democratic Party's Civil War Is Here

What the Bible Really Says About Homosexuality

Prophetic Craziness: Latest Sensationalist Crazes

ISIS Snuffs Out Ancient Christianity

Obama and the Definition of 'Islamic'

Because you think it, doesn't mean it's true - Part 1

Rev. Graham: Obama's Wrong, Islam 'Is a False Religion'

Man in Rebellion

Israel: America Danger Point

Amazing Madness

Prophetic Craziness: Why All the Huksterism?

Will the UN Security Council Impose a Palestinian State?

Are You There Allah? It's Me, John Kerry

Prophecy Run Amok 2: Fearmongering

Prophecy Run Amok

This Life Is Not What You Think It Is!

Things of the Spirit and Things of the Flesh

Mr. Kerry's False Hope

Grounded in Reason...The Four Factors of Faith

The End Times Sign of False Teachers: The Ultimate One

The End Times Sign of False Teachers: Reasons People Join Cults

Islam's "Good Cop/Bad Cop" Routine

U.S.-Israel Relationship in Crisis

Why Obama Hates Netanyahu

How Obama's Weakness Is Emboldening ISIS and Iran

How Sweden Saved the Middle East by Recognizing Palestine

UK: Child Sex Exploitation Now the 'Norm'

Being Safe While Isolated

Why Are the Senate Races Close?

When Cultists Come to Town

Better Hands

The Best Verses in the Bible

The End Times Sign of False Teachers: Zealous Yet Wrong

The End Times Sign of False Teachers: Stories About Fakes

Kerry, Qatar, and the Poisonous Tree

The U.S. State Department's War on Israel

The Islamization of Jerusalem

Under the Radar

Troubles and Trials

Rapture or WWIII

The New Atheism Fizzles Out

The Dance

The End Times Sign of False Teachers: The Litmus Test

The 'You Didn't Build That' Party

A Spirit of Fear

Antichrist - There's an App for That: Or There Soon Will Be

Two sides of a coin, makes a difference!

Are You A Scientific Fundamentalist?

Secularism Declares Open War on Religious Faith

Foolishness of Man

The Antidote to Our Culture's Sexual Anarchy

Second Federal Court Upholds Natural Marriage

The End Times Sign of False Teachers: The 3 Questions

Sermons from the Holy Land: The Gate to Prophecy - Part 2

Britain to Crackdown on Muslim Brotherhood

Releasing Criminally Convicted Illegals Onto Our Streets

Canada's Jihad Denial

Sifting Peter

Sermons from the Holy Land: The Gate to Prophecy - Part 1

You Can't Reform Islam Without Reforming Muslims

The Blood on Obama's Hands

Wave of Acid Attacks in Iran

Revealed: U.S. Cut Off Arms Supply to Israel During Gaza War

Obama Prepping Amnesty for 34 Million?

Say what you will, the Truth is the Truth!

Ebola: Ancient Hebrews Had Answer to Infectious Disease

Govt tells Christian ministers: Perform same-sex weddings or face jail, fines


Peace Polemics

Oil and End-Time Prophecy

A Book Review of "The Mystery of the Shemitah"

The Islamic State and Islam

Islamist Turkey's Betrayal

How the Muslim World Benefits from ISIS

Keeping It Simple

'LGBT': The 'T' is for Tyranny

Is Bible Prophecy Relevant? - Part 2

Sermons From the Holy Land: The Nine Wars of the End Times (Part 1 of 4)

Sermons From the Holy Land: The Nine Wars of the End Times (Part 2 of 4)

Sermons From the Holy Land: The Nine Wars of the End Times (Part 3 of 4)

Sermons From the Holy Land: The Nine Wars of the End Times (Part 4 of 4)

We'll Tell You How Dangerous Ebola Is After The Election

Muhammad and Islam's Sex Slaves

If Ayatollah Khamenei Dies, What's Next?

Is Bible Prophecy Relevant? - Part 1

Are We Watching An End Times War?

This is our first step in eternity!

Can I Get A Witness?

Animal Sacrifice in the Millennium

Benny Gantz's Troubling Assessments

Not Destroying ISIS

Britain: Muslim Rape Gangs Run Wild

Are Jeremiah 49 and Ezekiel 38 the Same Prophecy? - Part 1

Are Jeremiah 49 and Ezekiel 38 the Same Prophecy? - Part 2

Would Jesus Go To A Homosexual Parade?

Just Watched A Blood Moon - Now What?

Beast Spirit Among Us

Bandits with Badges

The Destruction of the Temple: Building the Third Temple

The Diversity of Islam?

You Can't Stop Genocide Without Killing Civilians

Islam and It's Role in Bible Prophecy and the End Times

The Return of the Medes

Down to the Wire

This Life is for one reason...The Conclusion

What the 'Gay Marriage' Debate is Really About

The Destruction of the Temple: Preparing the Third Temple

Ben Affleck: Portrait of Islam's Clueless Apologetics

Bringing Happiness to Iran

Thank you, ISIS

The Consequence of Bowing to Islam

Ebola and Bible Prophecy

The Destruction of the Temple: The three Questions

The Destruction of the Temple: Remarkable History

Obama Secretly Giving In to Iran's Nuke Demands

The Obama Doctrine: Undermine the Military, Coddle Enemies and Distance Friends

Does Obama Need 'Time' to Defeat or Forget ISIS?

The Islamic State is Here

Win for "Gay Marriage" - Great Loss for the Nation

This life is for one reason...Part 1

This life is for one reason...Part 2

For Where Your Treasure Is...?

Want To vs. Have To: Discovering the Joy of Giving

The Destruction of the Temple: Not One Stone

Israel Bashers' Phony Contrition

Telling the Truth About the War

Our Dhimmi Lamestream Media

Covering Up Islamic Terrorism for Fun & Profit

Supreme Court Gives Silent Nod to Same-Sex Marriage

Ebola Comes to America

Born to Die

How Obama's Arab Spring Created the Islamic State

How to Confront the Islamic State

President Ebola

Birth Pangs Update

The Magical Land of Progressitopia

Are Modern Fundamentalists Original Christians?

Do You Believe In Healing?

Christianity and Cults Have No Common Ground

Birth Pains are Increasing

The 'Progressive' Ten Commandments

A Religion That Preaches Death, Dying, and Destruction is not a Religion. It's a Death Cult

Say No To Islamophilia

The Lies They Tell

Is the Islamic State a Good Thing?

Obama: Born-Again Idiot

All of Jerusalem Belongs to the State of Israel

Netanyahu's Statements and Policies

The Oklahoma Beheader's Radical Environment

Did Netanyahu Bury the Two-State Solution?

The Coming Blood Moons

Not Destroying ISIS

State Dept. Rejects Netanyahu's Mideast Diagnosis

The Throat-Clearing President vs. the Throat-Cutting Terrorists

Was the Koran Caused by Global Warming?

Proclaiming Truth Will Always Offend

Will the West Defend Itself?

What the Arab World Produces

Save the Environment from the Socialists

Analyzing the Oklahoma Beheading Crime Scene

Kicking the PLO Habit

Netanyahu's Truth in a Den of Lies

Christian Swingers: Faithless, Feckless, Fornicators!

Jihad Double Standard - How the Media is Paving Way for Islamic Chaos in US Streets

Triad Foretelling Tribulation

Scaremongering Our Way to Despotism

The Islamic Republic vs. The Islamic State

Turkey: The Jihadists' Fifth Column in NATO?

The Oklahoma Beheading: More Workplace Violence?

Allah Made Me Do It

The Dangers of the Fifth Gospel - Real Christianity is No Buffet

Whatever Happened to Evil?


What Does The Bible Say? The Sabbath Year (Shemitah)

The Church's Great Divide

A Lesbian's Eyes Opened: 'You Don't Hate Us!'

Is there such a thing, as a "Wise - Fool?"

What bias? Second justice on high court performs same-sex 'wedding'

Two Lesbians Commit Biological Fraud, Get Married in Mississippi

Ask yourself, what has he achieved?

It Is Not Islam

Never Forgotten!

An Emboldened Iran Takes the Stage at the United Nations

We Don't Need to Ally With Terrorists to Defeat ISIS

Islam, Polygamy and Western Subsidies

Death Threats Against Christian Leaders Emerge From Gay Rights Activists

Islamic State Rape: 'Just Another Form of Warfare'?

Treasure in Heaven

Is there A Second Chance?

Don't Follow the Human Rights Campaign Down Another Rabbit Hole

Multiculturalism, Islam, and the War on the West


A Prayer for 5775

An ISIS Nest Grows in Boston

If We Did Immigration God's Way

Should Christians Be Serious Preppers?

The Folly of Inviting Iran to Fight ISIS

Hillary Will Be Alinsky's Third Term

Freedom of Religion and the Satanic Mass

Our Dealings with Islamic Terrorists Is Not Working

Did Jesus Really Die As the Substitute for Our Sins?

The Religious Neutrality Scam

The First Amendment: We Hardly Knew Ye

Satanic Information to be Given to Children in Florida Schools

Little Words can be Great words, like "Groaning"!

LGBT Movement Organizing to Mandate 'Gay History' in Schools Across America

False Prophets Setting America at War with God

Reign of Mahdi or Reign of Jesus?

The Bible is significant with every word!

The Fall Feasts of Israel

The Valley of the Shadow of Death

Little Things Can and Do Make a Difference!


Male-On-Male Rape Epidemic in Obama's Pro-Deviancy Military

A Divisive Faith

Israel Regathered, Bible Prophecy Fulfilled: Dry Bones Back to Life

Israel Regathered, Bible Prophecy Fulfilled: Importance of the Regathering

Saudi Arabia's Phony Anti-Terrorism Fatwa

Terrorists at the Border

Why Rouhani Loves NY

Saving Private Kerry

Bacon Is Proof We Are A Christian Nation

Evolution's Achilles' Heels - Top Scientists Scrutinize the Weakness and Falsehoods of a Generation of Spurious Science

Christianity, Sexuality, and the Surrounding Culture

Allowing God's Word to Transcend the Ordinary

The Man from Eternity

Israel Regathered, Bible Prophecy Fulfilled: Most Important Prophetic Development

JIMMY CARTER: Georgia's Nutjob OR Hamas' Little Helper Monkey?

Obama's Self-Defeating Fight

Obama's Coalition of the Uncertain

What's Wrong With Liberals?

Satanism: Like I've Never Seen Before

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Survey of the Great Tribulation: Evangelism

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Scientific Study Back Intelligent Design

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Prophetic Voices

The Unfinished War

Moderate Islam is Multiculturalism Misspelled

The FBI's Islamic Terrorism Denial

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The Approaching Day

Islamic Jew Hatred: The Crescent Moon Rising

Church vs. Evil

Unstoppable Momentum

Israel and the Obama-Qatari Axis

Putin's Unchecked Aggression

Obama's Miserable Failure

The Government's Religion

How's that working out for ya?

Rapture? Which Rapture?

The Truest Love: A Comparison Of My Experiences In The Gay And Christian Communities

Heaven on Hold

Showdown in the Land of Babylon

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These Are Not Ordinary Times

Christians: 'Softer, Kinder, Gentler' Approach Ain't Working

Hitler's Nightmare: Part 5

Hamas Declares 'Victory'

Religion or the Savior - The World's Perpetual Confusion

Are We Currently Living in the Tribulation?

Unbelievers Around Us

If you think things are bad now...!


Hitler's Nightmare: Part 4

Would It Kill You to Hire More Black Cops? (Yes)

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Will the Armies of Allah be the Rod of God's Wrath Against America?

Prelude to Eternity

In Search of Mayberry

Hitler's Nightmare: Part 3

Hitler's Nightmare: Part 2

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Embracing the Obvious Truth

The Islamic State Has Nothing To Do With Islam?

Deception of Truth

A Titanic Mistake: Revised Edition 2014

United States of ISIS?

How Great Thou Art!

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Uncertainty and Hope

Tribulation Versus Great Tribulation: Unleashing the Antichrist

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Obama: Islamic State "Speaks for No Religion"

Fix Ferguson By Getting Rid of the Media

A Pound of White Flesh

What Tastes As Sweet As Honey But Turns Your Stomach Sour?

Tribulation Versus the Great Tribulation: Three Purposes

Why Israel is Losing the Information War

The #1 Sign of the Second Coming

Give Me Liberty...

Tribulation Versus the Great Tribulation: Daniel's Seventieth Week

Why is the Islamic State Behaving this Way?

The Hell that is the Obama White House

Difficult Bible Passages: Matthew 5:22

First Eternal Second

All the Demons are in Iraq

Tribulation Versus the Great Tribulation: The Coming Apocalypse

Obama Has No Right To Punish Israel

Nothing To Do With Islam

Obama's Racism for Fun and Profit

Michael Brown: A Criminal and a Thug

OSAS And The Church In Sardis (Rev. 3:1-6)

Hebrew Roots: A Different Gospel

The Perversion and Terrorism Connection - Modern Man's Ball and Chain

Are Jeremiah 49 and Ezekiel 38 the Same Prophetic Event?

The Parable of the Ten Virgins

Time is short Ya'll...think about it!

The Top Ten Differences Between Israel and The Palestinians (So-Called)

Rouhani's One-Year Anniversary

Anti-semitism and Its Limitations

Obama IRS Now Targeting Churches

A Christian Analysis of the Loss of Robin Williams

Someone Has To Tell Them

Busting the Media's ISIS Myths

An Open Letter to Moderate Muslims

SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL: The Case Against Grace

Wrestling with God

Israel's Disproportionate Decency

Obama's Vacation Wars

Obama's Indifference to the Islamic State Nightmare

ISLAM'S ADDICTION: Jews, You Can't Hate Just One

The Longsuffering of God Has a Limit

Gaza: Hypocrisy Exposed

Thanks To Obama, Iran's Economy Is Booming

The Amnesty Radicals' Big Mistake

Obama, Islam Did Nothing in the Founding of America

Is Deadly Ebola Outbreak the First Bowl of 'Revelation' Judgment?

Don't Take a Knife to a Gunfight

Togarmah Roots Showing

Hollywood's New Trend: Gratuitous Nudity and Profanity

Dream A Little Dream For Me

The Failure of the E.U.

How Can Anyone Continue to Support Obama?

If Genocide Won't Unite Iraq, Nothing Will

What Does The Bible Say? Is Jesus God In Human Form?

Don't Mention the 'M' Word

Should 'Gay Christians' Work in Children's Ministry?

A Letter From God, To Us

The Horse's Mouth

Israel: "Hated of All Nations"

Are you insane...or what?!

Use Prophecy to Witness

Reflecting God's Broken Heart

The Persecuted!

The Status of a King, The Duty of a Servant

A Ceasefire Saves Hamas

World Ignores Christian Exodus from Islamic World

Obama's New Plan for Hamas

The 483 Years Prophecy

When in Doubt, Pray

The Second Coming of Jesus Christ: Purpose of Prophecy

Only Hamas Defeat Will Bring Peace

America: Unprepared for War

The Forgotten Child Victims of Hamas and ISIS

The Agony of Love

The Pale Horsemen Getting Ready to Ride

The Branch

The Second Coming of Jesus Christ: The Roaring Lion

The Second Coming of Jesus Christ: A Two-Staged Return

The Wonders of the Millennial Kingdom: The Last Revolt

Fighting Without Silver Bullets

The Gifts and Calling of God are Without Repentance

The Unbelievably Amazing Destiny Of The Church

The Discovery of Soft Tissue in Ticeratops Horn Prompts Firing of Professor

Finding Joy Amid World's Chaos

Yes Theology Matters (and So Does the Mind)

Prophecy 101


"Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, Whatever!"

Don't Compromise God's Word

Is it a Dream...or the Last Days?!

The Wonders of the Millennial Kingdom: Health and Talents

The Wonders of the Millennial Kingdom: Who Will Rule

One Million Ceasefires

America Stands With Hamas Against Israel

Obama vs. Netanyahu

Defund the UNRWA

Israel's End Game in Gaza

Obama and the UN's Alternate Universe

Bread and Wine, Symbols of A Covenant

Views on the Millennial Kingdom: The Inhabitants

What Obama Really Wants in Gaza

Israel, Hamas and Obama's Foreign Policy

Obama's Muslim Founding Fathers

Open Season on Jews Worldwide - Nations Around the Globe Embracing Madness & Evil

Views on the Millennial Kingdom: It's a Wonderful Life

Iran's Proxy War Against Israel

Gaza Flotilla Terrorists Set Sail Again

Hamasbara and Media Terrorism

America's Declining Economic Influence

Hold Fast!

Views on the Millennial Kingdom: Four Main Interpretations

Vision of an Independent Kurdistan

Jesus, Today's Church, and 'Inequality'

Obama and Kerry Pressure Israel to Leave Hamas Alone

Patriots Take on the Muslim Brotherhood

The Sermon on the Mount, Conclusion

MUSLIMS: Bullying Jews Since 622 A.D.

When Sharia Comes To Town

You're Going to Have to Talk to Your Kids About Homosexuality Before You Think They're Ready

The Importance of Israel: Not an Apartheid State

Obama & Kerry's First Foreign Policy Success

World Leaders Lambast Obama's 'Failures' in the Middle East

American's Say Obamacare is Hurting Families

A Thank You Letter From Hamas to the Media

Israel's Pyrrhic Moral Victory

The UN's Propaganda War Against Israel

On the Fear of God

Battle Against Sin

The Psalm 14 Generation

The Importance of Israel: Indefensible Borders

Proving the Bible is the Word of God

The Rapture is Near, Share Christ

The Importance of Israel: Palestinian Myth

Preventing an Israeli Fifth Column

Obama to the Rescue - of Hamas

Palestinians' Prize for Terror

The Importance of Israel: To the United States

Texas to Take Action on Obama's Border Crisis

Israel's War with the Muslim Brotherhood

7 Ways to Escape the Great Falling Away

Ex-Homosexuals Offering Truth and Hope

A Question for Israel's Critics

Your Sin and a Righteous and Just God

Lip Service

Islam's God at Work

Israel's Global Image Quagmire


The Importance of Israel: Focus of the Whole World

A Syrian-Style Deal for the Islamic Republic?

A Tale of Two Gazas

Israel Batters Hamas -- Kerry to the Rescue

The Incoherent Excuses for Hating Israel

The Sermon on the Mount, Continued

Liberals change word meanings with intent to deceive

The Coming Christian Revolt

The Real Reason God Wants You to Do Things His Way

Heavenly Rewards: Longevity

New Islamic Caliphate Declares Jihad on...Muslims

Israel Attacked on Four Fronts

How To Win In Gaza

The Faith of Job

Defining the Creator

Generation in Trouble

Incest, Pedophilia Are Next 'Civil Rights,' Judge Suggests

Heavenly Rewards: Various Types

Obama Administration Suppresses Talk of Muslim Persecution of Christians

Baby Killers of Hamas

No, We Are Not From the Same Faith Tradition

Pauls' Mystery

Heavenly Rewards: Casting Crowns

Heavenly Rewards: Based on Earthly Rewards

The Popular Palestinians

Christians Should Marry Muslims? Dumbfounding Dhimmitude

4 More Sins That Are Also Okay If You Ignore The Bible on Homosexuality

What is Truth? 10 Myths Propagates By Gay Activists Debunked

The Children

Harbingers and Hedges

End Times Events on Stand-By

His Will

Be Perfect, As Your Heavenly Father Is Perfect

Israel Might Act to Safeguard Jordan

The White House Stabs Israel in the Back -- Again

Israel Is the Victim of Mohammed's War Against the Jews

Islamic Antichrist? Three Strikes and You're Out!

Rapture of the Church - Part 3 of 3

Rapture of the Church - Part 2 of 3

Hamas's (and Iran's) Fail-Safe Strategy

The Palestinian Rocket and Propaganda Offensive

A Game Changer in Gaza

What Think Ye of Heaven?

Praise Ye The Lord

The Perfect Day

Kerry Admits: Iran Negotiations Not Working

Jihadi Rhetoric: Tiresome But Deadly

Operation Protective Edge: The Real Peace Process

Sin...the Death of All People!

The Woman Caught in Adultery

Iran's Path to the Bomb

Hamas's Nazi-Style Rocket Blitz

Fighting Enemies From Within and Without

Super-Amnesty Will Turn Every City Into Detroit

About God: The Lies Your Culture Told You

Part-Time Nation

The Myth of Israeli Collective Punishment

Rapture of the Church: Part 1 of 3

Red Heifer

Are you sure, Life is what you think it is?

The Vice President of Gomorrah

Increase Our Faith

Muslim Antichrist at Hand?

At The Movies: Moral Depravity

Can the Rapture be Found in 2 Thessalonians 2:3?

Why Obama Ignored Iraq

5 Reasons to Care About Muslims

Theological Rabies in the Presbyterian Church USA

The Wrong Side of Eternity

Heresy Rising: Christian Pastors Embracing New Age Syncretism

Does Prophecy Matter?

My People, My People

More on the Millennium

The Quick Road Down

Finding Biblical Truth: The Bible vs. The Newspaper

Homosexual Hamburgers: When the World Goes Mad

Prophecy in the Psalms: Prophetic Units

The Islamic Caliphate: the Obama Administration's Failed Foreign Policy in The Middle East

Obama's Secret Directive Supporting Global Islamism

The Case for Heterosexuality

Why God Gave You the Holy Spirit

The Peace Process Is A Game Israel Can't Win

4 Sins That Are Also Okay If You Ignore Leviticus on Homosexuality

Restoring Planet Earth

Prophecy in the Psalms: Prophetic Themes

Prophecy in the Pslams: The Negelected Prophecies

Obama's Dance with Radical Islam

The Time Has Come for America To Standup

The Jew-Hating Obama Administration

The Caliphate Restored

Sorry, Elton John, Jesus Would Not Support 'Gay Marriage'

Is Sin Relevant In Today's World?

America: Biggest Bankroller of Palestinian Killers

It's Not the 'Occupation' -- It's Islam

Apostasy Rising: 4 Denominations In Less Than a Week Defy God's Word

Chess Masters Making Moves

The Boycott Israel Movement

With a Little (What is Faith?)

8 Life Changing Prophecies

The Military Empire of Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps

Islam's 'Protestant Reformation'

The Islamic Tactic of Terror and Lure

Caroline Glick: The End of the Peace Process

If We Want to Beat Al-Qaeda, We Have To Stop Arming It

Doctrines of Demons & the Wrath to Come

Do You Trust in the Lord?

Could These 5 Final Words Be Your Deathbed Declaration?

Saul Alinsky Would Be Proud of Barack Obama

No Help for Iraq - Obama is Busy Warring for the LGBT

Finally! Federal Judge Rejects Same-Sex Marriage

Don't Design A God

Lukewarm or Zealous? Part 1

Lukewarm or Zealous? Part 2

Final Ecumenicism: When Two Babylons Become One

The Ashes of A Red Heifer

Fornication - The Acceptable Sin?

Bible Prophecy 101: Evangelism in the End Times

Bible Prophecy 101: Signs of the End Times

Islamic Values vs. Judeo-Christian Values

Israel Must Defeat the Tactics of Terrorists

The Vatican Falls for the 'Interfaith' Scam

The Names of the Victims

Supreme Court Rebukes Obama Lawlessness

The U.S., the U.K. and Canada in Jihad Denial

Last Call

Bible Prophecy 101: The Bible Map

Turkey's High Risk Powerplay

The Mounting Proof of an IRS Cover-Up

Tranny Tyranny

Gay Pride: The Pain Before the Pride

The Pews Were Not Empty!

Bible Prophecy 101: The Dispensations

Conversion, Jizya or the Sword

There Is No Conservative Case for Amnesty

Devouring America: How Islam, Illegals and Leftists Are Doing It

Not for Everyone

As A Man...I Am A Failure!

Prince of Persia Provocation

Hungry Red Dragon

The Day of the Lord - Part 2 of 2

Have You No Shame? Have You No Decency?

Don't Blame Bush for Al-Qaeda in Iraq, Blame Obama

Saddam's WMDs: The Left's Iraq Lie Exposed

Savage Wolves

The Devil runs the PCUSA

The Risk of Truth Speaking

It Is Time to Leave the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

The U.S. was Founded as a Christian Nation - Here's More Proof

Five Questions for Christians Who Believe the Bible Supports Gay Marriage

The Myth of Moderate Muslims

The Lost Art of Church Discipline

The Day of the Lord: Part 1 of 2

George Bush's Prediction of the Iraq Meltdown

The Threat is Blowback

The IRS's 'Lost' Email Deception

Al-Qaeda Hits Baghdad -- Obama Hits the Beach

Obama Brings Shame to America

Who Will Stop the Criminal Barack Obama?

It Should Be Obvious Now

Words vs. Action

Symbolic Prophecy in the Old Testament: Ark of the Covenant

You Bet This Is Swiftboating

Hope and Change has Crashed and Burned

AG Eric Holder Blasts Boy Scouts for Protecting Children from 'Gay' Pedophiles

The Latest in Scientific Research: There is No 'Gay' Gene

Christianity, Culture and Compromise

...With Just One Step

Four Lessons from Jonah

Symbolic Prophecy in the Old Testament: The Tabernacle of Moses

Oil and the Rise of Al-Qaeda 2.0

Rape in Egypt: The Muslim Brotherhood 'Gets Even'

Ignoring the Elephant

Hillary Clinton Turns Liberals into 'Rape-Loving Scum'

Hamas' Genocidal Technocrats

The Amazing Book of Numbers

Symbolic Prophecy in the Old Testament: God's Object Lessons

An Islamic Trojan Horse Inside of Britain

The End of Obama's Bad Deal with Iran - What's Next?

The Innocence of Hillary

How Does Your Church Counsel?

Strengthen Thyself

Laodicea on Display

Iraq Descends Into Chaos

Loving Jesus - Doubly Blessed!

Symbolic Prophecy in the Old Testament: Pointing to Christ

Egypt's New Government Calls for Anti-Christian Measures?

Time for Europe's Jews to Pack Up and Leave?

Palestinian 'Unity' in Action: Israeli Teens Kidnapped

The Al-Qaeda Spring Is Here

Warnings About Riches: New Testament

The Seven Most Powerful Words in Prophecy - When the Angel Speaks to Birds

Five Ways Men Squander God's Calling

No One Knows The Day Or The Hour

Warnings About Riches: Old Testament

What To Do When Forced To Perform 'Gay Weddings'

Just What Is Evil?

Forum on the Millennium: Spiritual Versus Earthly Kingdoms

Military Bases: Obama's New Illegal Alien Dumping Grounds

Iran: 'We Won. The Americans Have Lost It.'

The New York Times Defends Al-Qaeda

U.S. Defunding the Palestinian Authority?

Hezbollah and Israel's Lawyers-in-Chief

Who Lost Iraq?

The Bible According to Hollywood - Part 2

The Amazing Complexity of Life

A Lie Can Be So Destructive!

Train Up A Child In The Way He Should Go

Buckle Your Rapture Seat Belts - Part 3

Barack Obama: Taliban's Friend - America's Judas

Churches ORDERED to Perform Sodomy-Based Wedding Ceremonies

Coming Soon? A More Islamic, Buddhist, Hindu and Less Christian America

SBC Baltimore - Repenting of Our Focus

Who are the Overcomers?

Forum on the Millennium: Old Testament References

The Taliban Got Back Their Terrorists - Now Castro Wants His

Pragmatism, Obama and the Bergdahl Swap

The Southern Poverty Law Center Stands Up for Hamas

5 Signs of Ear-Tickling Preachers

Islam and Science

Forum on the Millennium: How to Interpret

U.S. Fostering Closer Iran-Saudi Ties

Abbas' Deceit at the Vatican

Obama Lied, Americans in Afghanistan Died

Mad Magazine Mocks Obama: 'Trading Private Bergdahl'

Sin is just plain sin and it's against God!


Russian Bear Hugs the Energy Market

Forum on the Tribulation: Convergence of Signs

How Many Americans Will Die Because of the Bergdahl Trade?

The Progressive Gitmo Myth

Between First Fruits and Pentecost

Don't Want to Repeat the Mistakes of History? - Check Into Prophecy

Treason: Obama's 'Gitmo Five'

The Constitution Does Not Support Same-Sex 'Marriage,' Homosexuality (Part 1)

The Constitution Does Not Support Same-Sex 'Marriage,' Homosexuality (Part 2)

George Washington's Warning to America

Christian No More

Strain at a Gnat

Beauty of Berea!

Forum on the Tribulation: Historical Types of Judgment

Forum on the Tribulation: Gentiles During that Time

Hamas Gains Ground and Washington Apprvoes

Ending Abbas's Winning Streak

Taliban Rising

12 Ways Homosexual Adults Endanger Children

Our Leaders: Beyond Stupid

The Feast of Pentecost

Forum on the Tribulation: Purpose of the Era

12 ways the US administration has failed its ally Israel

Forced to Sin

Forum on the Tribulation: The Character of God

The Week Europe Died

The Meaning of Jerusalem Day

Five Jihadis for One Deserter

John Bolton: 'The Biggest Threat to National Security Is in the White House'

Forum on the Book of Revelation: Surprises

The Apostle Paul And Homosexuality - Answering Homosexual Objections (Part 2)

6 Truths about Pornography

Jude, Gateway to Revelation...Conclusion

All the World and the Quicksand Issue

Purposes of Marriage: Same-Sex 'Marriage' Strikes Out

Abiding in the Light

Forum on the Book of Revelation: Things Not Understood

Forum on the Book of Revelation: 144,000 and Two Witnesses

The Origin of Evil

Forum on the Book of Revelation: Finding the Rapture

The Ayatollahs Call to Wipe Out America

Pope Francis' Unfriendly Visit

Residual Failure in Afghanistan

Silence in the Church

Evil Continually

Plagues and Pestilences

The Future Holds All the Answers

Forum on the Book of Revelation: Keys to Understanding

Pope Francis: Mahmoud Abbas is a "Man of Peace"

The Ingredients of Islam

Jude, Gateway to Revelation...Part 1

The Apostle Paul and Homosexuality - Answering Homosexual Objections (Part 1)

My Father's Son

Vatican-Israeli Tensions Overshadow Pope's Mideast 'Pilgrimage of Prayer'

The Slow Humiliating Death of the U.S. Dollar

The Terminal Generation

Forum on the Book of Revelation: Dating the Book

'Muslimsplaining' Islamic Terrorism Away

Pope Francis: 'The Che Guevara of the Palestinians'?

Netanyahu's Alternative Ties to Europe

'The Point' of an Honest Discussion of Race

Perpetual Impunity in Syria

Islamic Venom Over a Kiss

Jews, Get Out of Europe

Hillary Stacks the Benghazi Select Committee

Angelic Faces - The Countenances of True Believers

Hosea and the Heart of God: Lessons for the Church and You

Hosea and the Heart of God: Lessons for Israel and the Nations

Obama Lost the War on Al Qaeda, While Claiming to Have Won It

Who Is the Future Egyptian President?

Letting Go of Abbas

Will A Rogue General Undo Obama's Regime Change in Libya?

VA Scandal: This Is What Death Panels Look Like

A Real Man Knows the Word of God

Jesus Won't Return After All?

Islam's Brutality Toward Women

And Satan Smiled...

Hosea and the Heart of God: Reconciliation the Cure

The Barrier to Peace

Nigerian 'Sex-Slaves' Disrupt Obama Narrative on Islam

What Did God Do On The Eighth Day?

When Satan Attacks

God Works in Mysterious Ways

Saudi Arabia: We Want Peace with Iran

Hosea and the Heart of God: Sin the Problem

Hosea and the Heart of God: A Profile in Generous Forgiveness

The Democratic Party's Brain Damage


The Power of the Gospel

American Idols

Do You Have the 'Right to be Forgotten?'

Jesus and Peter

Hosea and the Heart of God: A Profile in Pain and Justice

Hosea and the Heart of God: A Profile in Loving Faithfulness

Iran: Not Letting Us Have Nuke is Apartheid

Believing Obama on Iran

False Accusers

God's Character in Prophecy

Israel the Apartheid State?

Hosea and the Heart of God: A Profile in Communicativeness

Jihadist Trophies of War

The Perils of International Idealism

Reverse Racism

Israel and the Church. Follow Up

The Tabernacle - Part 4

Pagan Christianity

The Tabernacle - Part 3

God Does Use Us

The Tabernacle - Part 2

Feed My Sheep

Questions and Answers Come From the Lord

A Rhythmless Man Gets Invited to the Dance

Hosea and the Heart of God: A Profile in Unhappiness

Hosea and the Heart of God: A Profile in Faithlessness

Obama, You're No Harry Truman

The 'Brave German Woman' and Europe's Islam Question

Failed Negotiations with Iran

Israel at 66: Not a Pariah, Not Isolated

Putin's chess Moves On Ukraine

Obama's Foreign Policy: One Big Coverup

If You Believe It, You Have It

Hosea and the Heart of God: A Profile in Selfishness

Hosea and the Heart of God: The Faithless Nation of Israel

The Tabernacle - Part 1

Prophecy's Puzzle Pieces

Colorado's Marijuana Legalization Experiment Goes to Pot

More than A Little GOOD NEWS!

Crucifixion of Believers, It's Happening!

Hosea and the Heart of God: The Shattered Heart of Hosea

Iran Inches Toward Total Economic Empowerment

Israel at Peace, Palestinians at War

What Does the Bible Say? Israel and the Church

Bible Prophecy and the Early Church

You ain't Seen Nothing...yet!!

Heartlessness and the End Times

Do you really understand how to Think?

When They're Not Listening

Hosea and the Heart of God: The Shattered Heart of Gomer

Hosea and the Heart of God: The Story of the Woman

UN: Hamas-Fatah 'Unity' Deal May Be A Good Thing

Benghazi Smoking Gun Exposed

John Kerry's Downward Spiral

'Sex Jihad' Fatwa Permits Incest in Syria

Life Under the Obama Doctrine

Good Morning, Lord. A Commentary of Psalm 19

The Regathering of the Jewish People: Opposition

The Regathering of the Jewish People: Operation Solomon

John Kerry's Blackmail, Incitement & Insults

The Palestinian 'Unity' Deal: The Charade is Up!

The Peace Process is the Process of Blaming Israel

The Self-Inflicted Palestinian Victimhood

Peace Talks Dead -- For Now

John Kerry's Jewish Best Friends

Crew Member or Passenger

Israel Quaking Ignored

The Global Arms Race

Identity Crisis

The Regathering of the Jewish People: Motivation to Return

Obama's Muslim Easter and Willful Ignorance

Hamas and the Palestinian Authority: Brothers to Spill Jewish Blood

How Blaming Bush Led to the Ukraine Crisis

Defending Homosexuality is a Tragedy Within a Tragedy

Is God Responsible for Evil?

The Writing on the Wall is Truth!

A Journey

Seeking Jesus

The Parable of the Persistent Widow

Stop, Drop, And Roll Will Not Work In Hell!

Believe in Your Heart

The Regathering of the Jewish People: Dreyfus Affair

The Regathering of the Jewish People: Relevant Prophecies

Converging End Times Signs: Interpreting Daniel 12

Converging End Times Signs: The Fig Tree Prophecy

Putin's Obama Game

More Heavy Weaponry for Syrian Rebels?

Time for Consequences

What Happened to Repentance?

Noah and Antichrist's Hypnotists - Part 3

Blood Moon Looniness

Converging End Times Signs: The Second Most Important Sign

Palestinian Terrorism Funded by the E.U.

Solving the Three Day Three Night Mystery

A Clear and Present Danger

The Disappearance of U.S. Will

Diplomatic Breakthrough on Ukraine or More Russian Lies?

The Voice of One Crying in the American Wilderness

Converging End Times Signs: The Most Important Sign

Islam and Human Rights

The Ultimate Source of Islamic Hate for Infidels

The Cross of Jesus

Buckle Your Rapture Seat Belts - Part 2

It's in the Blood

Prophecies Of The Lord's Death And Resurrection

Converging End Times Signs: Living on Borrowed Time

God's Promises of Victory: Heaven

The Crisis in Ukraine Intensifies

The Unexpected

Noah and Antichrist's Hypnotists - Part 2

Climate Change Rhetoric Is Heating Up

Rule Number One!

Times of the Signs?

Russia Declares War on U.S. Dollar

God's Promises of Victory - Part 4

The Predictable Failure of Kerry's "Peace" Mission

The Passover: History and Prophecy

What is Passover?

Need a Bloody Valentine?

Losing Spiritual Freedom, When Friends Control You

God's Promises of Victory: The Second Coming

God's Promises of Victory: The Rapture

God's Promises of Victory: Four Triumphant Events

Negotiating with Terrorists Doesn't Work

How the Mullahs Prop Up Assad

Taqiyya About Taqiyaa

The Paranoid Madness of the Democratic Party

Forgetting Freedom at Passover

Blood Moons: Signs in the Heavens?

You Know You Need to Read This!

A Nation No Longer Under God

Noah and Antichrist's Hypnotists - Part 1

Chick-Fil-A Gets the Last Laugh

Where Have All My Watchman Gone?

U.S. Issues Threats Over Pending Russia-Iran Oil Deal

The Seven "I AM" Statements in John

Tommy Ice on the Pre-Trib Rapture: Part 5

The Seven Miracles in John

The Papacy and Apostasy

I Confess, How About You?

Tommy Ice on the Pre-Trib Rapture: Opposing Viewpoints

Tommy Ice on the Pre-Trib Rapture: John Nelson Darby

Obama's Mideast Nightmare

Syria Is What Happens When Islam Wins

A Chance To Move On

The Way It Was Meant To Be

Tommy Ice on the Pre-Trib Rapture: Historical Teachings

72 Hours that Turned the World Upside Down

Buckle Your Rapture Seat Belts - Part 1

The True League of Extraordinary Gentlemen!

Tommy Ice on the Pre-Trib Rapture: Defined

Releasing Murderers for Peace

Someone is Lying

The Bear and the Flyswatter

Big Brother Propaganda

The BDS Perversion of Reality

War Over Wilders

ObamaCare for Illegals

Condoleezza Rice Takes On Obama

God's Plan Through the Ages

Give Us A Leader

Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth

My Pie in the Sky!

Ugly Truth: How Same-Sex Marriage Affects Us All

Abraham's Journey of Faith

Happy and Content

No Law - No Sin!

Intent of the Heart, is more than you think!

Lessons from Leaving Islamic Tyranny

Dysfunction at the Arab League

Why 'Moderate Islam' is an Oxymoron

Russia's Threat in the Americas

War & Peace in the Age of Obama

The Nature of Post-Church Salvation

Believest Thou the Prophets

Arab Rejectionism from Khartoum to Ramallah

Witch-Hunt Against Wilders

Russian Bear Rising

Obama's Nuked New York Worry

The Environmentalist World War

Has God Forsaken Israel?

The Religion of Equality

A Prophetic Purpose

The Sound of Silence; The Sin of Nothingness

Evangelistic Atheists and Their Real Master

The Choice is for Eternity

Iran and the Relevence of Purim

Why Media Don't Cover Jihadist Attacks on Christians

Obamacare and Drug Poverty

Reuniting Priest and King

China and Iran Draw Conclusions on Crimea

U.S. Courts Islamic Terrorists to 'Support People of Egypt'

Desperate Times for Obamacare

What The Post-American World Will Look Like

Teach Your Children

Internet Control in an Anti-Free Speech World

Israel Under Siege As Nuke Talks Open

Ukraine Crisis Strengthens the China-Iran-Russia Axis

Face the Truth: Pakistan Is Not An Ally

Why Obama Will Not Change Gears

Obama's Facebook Strategy for Ukraine

Fast Tracking the North American Union

Died Abner As A Fool Dieth?


Taunting Obama

Putin Throws Down the Gauntlet and Obama Shrinks Away

Valerie Jarrett, the CEO of Obama, Inc.

Abbas to Obama: No 'Peace' Without 26 Freed Terrorists

Allah's Sword of Terror

America's Cup of Anger

America's Last Gleaming

The Vanished Plane and the Rapture

John Kerry's Palestinian Delusions

Saudi Arabia and the Muslim Brotherhood

Russia Steamrolls Over the United Nations

Western Arrogance and Decline

Muhammad and Islam: Failing the "Know Them by Their Fruits" Test - Part 1

Muhammad and Islam: Failing the "Know Them by Their Fruits" Test - Part 2

Matt. 24 and the Pre-Trib Rapture

Indivisible Anti-Semitism

A Prophetic Manifesto: Hope in Christ

The End of International Law

Are You Really Paying Attention?

Ya Can't Walk Away From God!

Noah, Lot, and Us

A Prophetic Manifesto: Two Fundamental Truths

Israel Fights Back Against Gaza Terror

The Double Edged Sword of Jihad

The Tribulation's Purpose Vs. The Church's Nature

A Prophetic Manifesto: End Times Signs

Whose "Recognition" Does Israel Really Need?

A NATO Member on the Edge

A Prophetic Manifesto: Replacement Theology

Why Make Light of PLO Non-recognition of Israel?

Abuse of Power: We Were Warned

The Spirit of Antichrist

Neither Day Nor Hour

Is Gog Hooked?

A Lack of Long Term Strategy

A Prophetic Manifesto: Unbiblical End Times Concepts

Will Leftists Admit they Were Wrong About Obama?

Obama's Appeasement Leads to War

Obama's Betrayal of Israel As A Jewish State

Understanding John 6:37-40

Let God Deal With The Wicked

No Excuses for the Wrong Gospel

My Lil' Garden and the Lord

The Revivial of the Hebrew Language - Part 8 of 8

The Revivial of the Hebrew Language - Part 7 of 8

Obama's Misconceptions on Iran

The President's Devious ObamaCare Delays

Surviving Obama

Israel's Homicidal Peace Partner

"Spiritualized" Counseling?

Climbing Up Another Way?

The Rise of the Paper Tiger

The Revival of the Hebrew Language: Part 6 of 8

It Takes A Rogue Nation To Stop A Rogue State

Corruption Invites Judgment

Defense Cuts and Prophecy

The Media Noose is Rapidly Tightening

The Revival of the Hebrew Language: Part 5 of 8

Sacrificing the Military to Entitlements

Obama's Cold War Denial

Obama Enters Putin's World

Our Heavenly Body

Living Among the Wolves

BEWARE of the Movie "Son of God"

Killing the Goose that Lays the Golden Eggs

The Revival of the Hebrew Language - Part 4

The Revival of the Hebrew Language - Part 3

Why Are Christians the World's Most Persecuted Group?

The Ayatollah's Secret Arms Deal with Iraq

The Revival of the Hebrew Language - Part 2

He Who Has Ears, Let Him Hear

The Revival of the Hebrew Language - Part 1

Texas Terror Enclave Exposed

The Coming Collapse of the Welfare State

Gutting the Army

Murder, Suicide, which is worse unto Hell

Put Another Log on the Fire

Everybody Loves A Hero

Revelation 13 Economy in View

Urgent Times

The Islamic State of Iran and Gender Discrimination

Saudi Arabia: The Middle East's Real Apartheid State

Imminent Danger and Dead Fish


Your Ticket to Heaven must be HIS Blood!

What Does The Bible Say? Part 5, Can We Choose To Be Saved?

Jesus Isn't Coming Back To "Occupied Territory"

The Walking Dead

The Gospel of the Kingdom Vs. The Gospel of Grace, Conclusion

Hell: The Neglected Christian Doctrine

Obama's Foreign Policy: Enemy Action

Surviving the Tribulation - Part 2

All That Glitters Is Not Gold

Tribulation Technologies Tightening

Why the War on Terror is Hopeless

An Alternative "Peace" Scenario for the Middle East

Switzerland Draws a Line on Immigration

The Ayatollahs Back Assad and Al-Qaeda

How Al-Qaeda is Winning the War on Terror

God's Argument Against Evolution

Life is NOT what you think it is!

Surviving the Tribulation - Part 1

Israel and U.N. Assurances

U.S. 'Chose to Stay Silent' on Muslim Persecution of Christians

Why Turkey Is Gone For Good

Faith in Jesus

Obama's War on Israel

The Pentagon's Bow to Islamic Extremism

A Paper Tiger No More

Delusional Diplomacy

Israel Won't Submit To Boycott Threats

AIPAC and Iran's War Against America

A Good Man For All Religions

Kerry's, EU's Veiled Threats

Judea and Samaria Are Israel

U.S. vs Christians

Iran Answers Appeasement with Warships

What Does the Bible Say? Introduction, It's About Sin

The Bible is the Most Remarkable Book Ever Written

Fear the Lord

Israel as Proof of God's Existence: The Atheist's Problem

Israel as Proof of God's Existence: Reoccupation of Jerusalem

Ayatollahs Celebrate 35 Years of Terror

Exposed: The Muslim Brotherhood/Al Qaeda Connection

Muslims, Our Natural Allies?

Abbas the 'Moderate'

Iran's Bomb in the Basement

The Islamic Grinch Who Stole the Olympics

Israel as Proof of God's Existence: Regathering

Kerry's Israeli Supporters

Obamacare's Economic Destruction Exposed

Time is way too short, where's the help?

Israel as Proof of God's Existence: Preservation

Threatening for Peace

Payday for the Mullahs

Muslim Rape Culture

Farm Subsidies for the Muslim Brotherhood

Israel as Proof of God's Existence: Dispersion and Persecution

Moral Collapse

Haunting Prophetic Prospects

We Have Lost Our Moral Compass

What Part of Stupid...do you NOT Understand??

What Does The Bible Say? Part 3, How Shall We Live?

The Strange Fire Conference: Spiritual Discernment According to Calvinism


Asking for Trouble

Who Do you Blame?

Death should NOT define our Lives!

Iraq and Iran Seek to Become World's New Oil Superpower

Israel as Proof of God's Existence: Fulfilled Bible Prophecy

Top Islamic Leader Calls on U.S. to Wage 'Jihad for Allah'

Trying to Scare Israel

Israel as Proof of God's Existence: Proof of Design in Nature

The Iranian Threat and Obama's Deception

The Bride

Israel as Proof of God's Existence: Proof of Changed Lives

Amnesty: A Disaster for the American Worker

Obama Blames U.S. for 'Extremism'

Blood Moon Tetrad (2014-2015): A Sign of the End?

Israel as Proof of God's Existence: The Assault of Atheism

German-Israeli Relations Sliding Downward

Clinton "Regrets" Benghazi

Most Used Scripture Verse Today?

Obama is Getting His Dictatorial Ducks in a Row

Arabs Use Peace to Destroy Israel Piece by Piece

Kerry: Post-Assad Syria Will Be 'Pluralistic'

The Arab Spring Killed the Left's Foreign Policy

Abbas Says No To Israel As A Jewish State

What Does The Bible Say? Part 2, Our Security In Christ

The Ten Worst Places to be a Christian

Canada Takes It's Place at the Table

Iran vs Israel at Davos

Hollywood's Muslim Lies

Obama's Middle East Fantasies

Europe: Naturally, Israel Will Be Blamed for Failed Peace Talks

Al-Qaeda in Jerusalem

Wiff of Smoke

The Way

The Four Faces of Jesus

A Cautious Middle East Forecast for 2014

Putin's Showdown with Terror

American Blood on Iranian Hands

The Silence is Deafening

No One Buy Nor Sell: How Close Are We? - Part I

Statue of Satan

Gathering Storms: The Iranian Drive for Nuclear Weapons

Confirmed: U.S. Chief Facilitator of Christian Persecution

Israel Bash-Fest Comes to Washington

The Surrender to Iran Begins

Pride...will steal your life away!! - Conclusion

Sharon's Prophetic Moment

Fraud is Driving Us Closer to the Mark of the Beast

Elie Weisel: Stop Iran From Going Nuclear

The Elephant in the Christian Persecution Room

Obamacare's Attack on the Elderly

John Kerry's Flying Circus

What Does the Bible Say?

A Hollow Victory

Killings of Christians by Islamists Doubled in 2013

The Truth Hurts

What Churchill Would Make of Obama's Iran Appeasement

The Fall of Islam: Islam's End

Coptic Christian Children Kidnapped and Killed for Cash

The Dangerously Irrational Iranian Regime

Beheadings, Bombings and New York's Little Bangladesh

New York Times Discredited on Benghazi

How Do You Share Jesus With A Muslim?

We Have Work To Do

Pride...will steal your Life away!! - Part 2

If You Are Faithful to Confess

The Fall of Islam: Islam's Eschatology

Sharon's Final Road

Israel in Twilight

Well Done, Faithful Servant

Pride...Will Steal Your Life Away!! - Part 1

The Fall of Islam: Islam's Fight

The Hound of Jihad

Who Said We Must Show Honor and Humility?!

What does It Mean To Believe?

Evil Days

The Great Inflation Scam

The Fall of Islam: Islam's Spread

The Lessons of Munich

The Reality Behind the ASA Boycott of Israel

Date Set for Iran Deal

Ariel Sharon: Larger than Life

Seven Major Prophetic Signs Of The Second Coming

The Fall of Islam: Islam's Goals

Syria: Armenian Christians Pressured to Convert to Islam

Beneath the Islamic Republic of Iran's Charm Offensive

Israel and the Death of Pan-Arabism

The Grand Mufti's Sex Tape and Violence in Islam

The Fall of Islam: Islam's Beliefs

Al Qaeda: Bigger, Stronger & More Dangerous Than Ever

Walking and Talking

Nothing Hidden

Finding Gog

The Fall of Islam: Islam's Holy Books

The Long Term Cost of Releasing Terrorists

Why Socialism Is On The Rise

The Fruit of Obama's Abandonment of Iraq

The Maunder Minimum

The Fall of Islam: Islam's Background

How the Arab Spring Unleashed Al-Qaeda

Al-Qaeda vs. Al-Qaeda Lite in Syria

The Way of Mohammed

Old Testament Salvation

Prosperity Gospel

Global Warming Guffaws

Trouble Brewing in the Canary Islands

The Fall of Islam: Islam's Examples

The Diminishing Erdogan

Palestinian Terror Education Funded by U.S. Taxpayers

A Covenant With Death

38 Reasons The Bible is True and We are in the End Times

The Strange Moral Calculus of John Kerry

The New York Times Destroys Obama

The Magical Thinking of the Left

Happy New Year 2014


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