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Welcome to Rapture Forums

Are you confused about the rapture of the church and the end times? Well, don't worry because we've got all the answers to your questions. And we'll also help you understand how today's news headlines relate to bible prophecy as we await the return of the Lord Jesus Christ. You can also join our interactive forums to discuss and learn more about the rapture and the prophetic events as they fall into place.

With Russia firmly entrenched in Syria, do you think the Ezekiel 38-39 prophetic event will be soon?


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The Rapture Report

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The Rapture Report
The Rapture Report is a indepth analysis of up-to-date world news as it relate to the signs of the last days and the return of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Featured Commentary
Find enlightened as well as timely commentaries and articles regarding a broad range of subjects pertaining to the last days, bible prophecy, and current world news topics.
End Times News
Want to keep up with the latest news as it relates to the prophetic scriptures? We've got all the current Israel, Iran, and Middle East news headlines here for you to read.
End Times Prophecy Charts
Looking for prophetic charts and aids to help you understand when the prophetic signs occur? Then click here to review our complete reference collection.
The Book of Revelation
Accurate and detailed articles on the Book of Revelation. Topics range from the Antichrist, 666, Mark of the Beast, Babylon, Armageddon, and the False Prophet.
The Rapture of the Church
Is the pretribulation rapture of the church the same as the second coming of Christ? Learn all about the various timing theories and why the pre-trib rapture view is correct.
End Times Signs
The prophetic puzzle isn't laid out in chronological order. It's scattered throughout the scriptures. We will help you learn all about the various prophetic signs in the Bible.
End Times Events
Will some of the last days events happen tomorrow? The prophetic sequence is discussed including the Book of Daniel, the Gog and Magog war, Armageddon, etc.
First Coming Messianic Prophecies
Commentaries about Jesus and how he fulfilled the prophecies about the coming Messiah. Subjects include the virgin birth, resurrection, the Star of Bethlehem, etc.
Second Coming Prophecies
This section details the prophecies of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Topics include the sequence of prophetic events and the nature of the Lord's return.
Israel and the Middle East
Commentary regarding Israel, Iran, and the rest of the Middle East. Does Babylon and Israel still have a place in God's plan for the end of time? Find out here.
Bible Study Articles
Articles and commentaries are here including examinations of many of the cardinal doctrines of the faith. A wide range of biblical and theological issues are covered here.
The Rapture Dictionary
Confused about Biblical terms? Our rapture dictionary has the meanings to almost 4,000 scriptural terms and places. A very nice and useful reference resource.
Bible Prophecy Guide
The Bible Prophecy Guide is a good starting point for articles on the rapture, tribulation, and other end-times prophecy related material. A very good place to start.
The Best of the Christian Classics
Enjoy timeless sermons and classic writings from Wesley, Luther, Darby, and other great men of the Christian faith. We've got a complete library of resources for you.
Cults, Islam, and Pagan Religions
Learn more about Christian cults and false religions. We've got information on Buddhism, Islam, Mormons, Freemasons, Jehovah's Witnesses, etc.
Creation vs. Evolution
One of the most controversial issues in the world is whether the biblical account of Creation from Genesis is the real account of mankind's origins. Find out here.

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